Blue Sky Cashmere

by Svetlana
(Mongolia, Ylaanbaator)



Mongolian cashmere factory «Blue Sky Cashmere» offers cooperation in the sale of knitted cashmere products and wool camel.

The company was established European executive management for the Mongolian industry was able to adopt the practice of the most experienced global manufacturers and demanding buyers.

The factory uses advanced equipment to produce high quality garments. Fully integrated manufacturing company allows management and specialists to produce full control over design and quality products.

Equipment Factory is the most technologically advanced: acquired in Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom.

This equipment was made to order, according to our specifications and instructions of the technical experts of the company. Specialists were invited from European countries - Scotland, Italy, where the production of cashmere is traditional.

Our design team includes experts from Italy, Scotland, France, Russia and Mongolia, who worked with such famous brands as MAX MARA, MISSONI, ALISA TOLKACHEVA, JOHNSTON OF ELGIN and PETER SCOTT.

Factory produced clothing according to stringent design houses such as PRADA and RALPH LAUREN. The company owns trademarks «International Cashmere» and «Blue Sky Cashmere», which are used as the internal market for retail sales and for sales of accessories on the Internet.

All employees of our factory have received specialized training based on international methods of management in accordance with strict standards of the company. At Blue Sky Cashmere has offices in the major markets of luxury goods. Experience of senior management, our commitment to quality and product design, and training employees give the company Blue Sky Cashmere competitive advantage.

With respect and hope for further cooperation,
management of the company Blue Sky Cashmere Co. LTD

Telephone: 8 10 976-9513 9657 e-mail:

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