Cashmere Care

Cashmere care. How to care for cashmere?

Cared for properly cashmere will improve with age, just like you ;)

Cashmere garments can be dry cleaned or hand washed. Always read the washing instruction in your cashmere knitwear.


Can you hand wash cashmere?

How how to wash cashmere sweaters?

First, remove small fluff balls or pills by hand or using a cashmere comb. You can purchase cashmere combs and cashmere wash on the internet easily. Pure cashmere collection has them for reasonable prices on cashmere sale. Wash your cashmere with the special cashmere wash in lukewarm water. After washing your garment, rinse it in lukewarm water till the washing liquid has been removed. Avoid using hot water. Hot water makes cashmere shrink! Squeeze gently and lay the cashmere flat. Do not tumble dry.

Wash your cashmere kntwear separately. When they are dry, cool iron on a steam setting.


How to clean a cashmere sweaters? How to remove a stain from a cashmere sweater?

When something solid, such as bubble gum or candle wax gets stuck in your cashmere garment its best not to try and remove it yourself. You may damage it. Better let the specialists do their job.

When you take cashmere knitwear to a dry cleaner always let them know exactly what it is you need removing.


What is the best way to store cashmere sweaters?

Always store your cashmere sweater folded inside a zipped sweater bag or small box. Do NOT use these hanger to hang cashmere knitwear. It will stretch your sweater. It will end up looking like a Halloween costume. ;)

People often ask "My cashmere sweater has hole in the elbow. Can a cashmere sweater be repaired?"

Some cashmere stores have a repair section. They can fix your cashmere sweater with elbow patches or stripes. The patches or stripes can be same or similar color as your cashmere sweater.

The following services give advice on cashmere care in EUROPE:

Cashmere Clinic 0207 584 9806 Design Alteration Center 0207 498 4360

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