Burberry Scarf

Burberry Scarf

Fashionable people in the know will seek Burberry Scarf. No longer making wool scarves they have changed their fabric to cashmere and silk.

Starting out as an outdoor clothing manufacturer, the company evolved into the high end fashion line. One of its first great successes was the Burberry trench coat with their signature checked lining in black, camel and red. They now have styles and colors that run the entire scope of the fashion world.

The wealthy and fashionable seek out the quality scarves in Europe, America and Asia. Movie stars and models have been seen on the red carpet carrying a Burberry handbag as well as wearing their silk or cashmere scarves.

Nova fashion week is set in Virginia. It is geared towards those who live to see the latest in fashion trends. Nova has a select number of designers and Burberry products are among the popular fashion pieces that are featured. Nova is known for introducing top of the line fashions.

Burberry cashmere scaves feel wonderful around your neck. Replacing the scratchy wool blends, they now lead the list in popular scarves. Their soft feeling and the warmth provided just increases the number of people who wish to become part of the fashion conscious population.

For a dressier accent, you may want to adorn yourself with one of their silk scarves. The variety is endless as far as color, size and price are concerned.

Most of the Burberry scarf fall into the $125-$300 price range. There are tartan plaids and pastel weaves. From the Himalayan goat to the hand looms, the fabric is treated with all of the respect that it deserves. The cashmere scarf is a primary fashion accessory during the colder months of the year and will dress up the traditional Burberry trench coat.

Still designing an array of fashionable plaid and checks, they have expanded their pallet to include pastel colors with complementary contrasting color. There is something that will suit any fashion conscious, well-heeled person. It is not an exaggeration to say that they are not meant for the average retail store. The flagship store and the stores in other parts of the world are not the ones that the everyday shopper would frequent.

The styles of their silk and cashmere scarves are not limited to women. Humphrey Bogart wore the traditional trench coat in the movie Casablanca and it certainly increased its popularity. The basic black, white or camel colors are still available and will be used by those who prefer to stick to traditional, multi-use accessories. Kate Moss was their fashion spokesperson with current trends.

The designs are timeless, the quality unsurpassed. The scarves are "must haves" for anyone that has a high sense of fashion. The feel of the fabric and the wide choice of colors and designs will please the most discriminating consumer. Hand loomed cashmere scarves or silk scarves, both are luxurious and fashionable as well.

Being more of the decorative type, the silk scarf is worn as an accent to other apparel. Small scarves around the neck are reminiscent of the V-neck sweaters of the fifties and sixties. You had to have one. Larger silk stoles will give you a fabulous fashion look and a bit of warmth for the chill of a summer evening.

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