How to wear a pashmina

How to Wear a Pashmina

There is little doubt that cashmere is a beautiful, soft fabric that is revered by many and worn as often as possible. The Pashmina comes from an even more exclusive line of cashmere. The pashmina goat, which lives primarily in the Himalayas, produces this wool and it is processed and usually handmade into garments that women and men love to wear.

Pashmina is a finer, softer fabric than the traditional cashmere. It comes in either two or three ply yarns and that determines the bulkiness and warmth of the garment. Both will provide warmth and luxury. Pashmina can also be blended with silk. The inclusion of silk into the fabric gives the fabric a lustrous sheen to accompany the elegant, feather light fabric the garment is made of.

How to wear a pashmina

Pashmina scarves and shawls come in a variety of sizes. There are smaller ones in 12 inches x 60 inches; size that can be worn as a scarf draped around the neck or doubled and loop the ends through the loop for an elegant look. They come in sizes up to 36 inches x 80 inches; which are more of a shawl than a scarf.

Whether worn simply around the shoulders or draped dramatically for that very special occasion. With the many colors that pashmina fabric comes in, your biggest decision will be which cashmere color to buy.

Silver pashmina is an elegant choice that will blend in with most outfits you are wearing. The beautiful, silky silver scarves and shawls will compliment your taste in fine fabric and style. The combination of silk and silver pashmina make the fabric have an added luster that will also add a more luxurious look to your ensemble.

There aren't too many cashmere colors that escape the variety that pashmina can be made from. The fabric is elegant and takes color well. There are some color combination that go with the silver pashmina such as black, green, turquoise, etc. These will blend in nicely with your outfit as well.

With proper care and a little imagination as to style, your silver pashmina fabric can give you the warmth and style that you desire. Also available are jacquard wraps in either 100% pashmina fabric or a silk blend silver jacquard.

Whether you are preparing for a shopping trip or a senior prom, if it is comfort, warmth and elegance that you are seeking, there is no fabric that fits all of these criteria better than pashmina or pashmina blended with silk.

The advantage of silver pashmina is its ability to blend with any color. Silver gray will fit into most wardrobe colored items. It is just a matter of taste and occasion that should be used to choose the scarf, shawl, poncho or sweaters that you wish to wear.

Choosing a two-ply fabric for chilly nights or the thicker yet still feather light three ply for more warmth will probably be your deciding factor. Although the three ply is a bit heavier, it is still soft and not as bulky as some other fabrics that scarves and shawls are made of.

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