Cashmere Cardigans

The best cashmere cardigans are made from pure cashmere.

Pure cashmere is pure goats’ wool which comes directly from steppes of Mongolia. Pure cashmere is not blended with silk, cotton, elastic or anything else.

It is timeless classic knitwear you deserve.

Wrap yourself in a pure cashmere cardi this winter. Spoil yourself girls!

Long cashmere and cotton or

cashmere and silk cardi is essential, especially when you pack for your holiday in the summer. It gives you an effortless holiday look.

Long cashmere cardi is great loungewear. As evening wear black cashmere cardi look sexy over a

pashmina dress. When you purchase a cashmere cardi you’d better keep an eye on the cashmere percentage. If it is 85% cotton and 15% cashmere the price should be much lower than 100% cashmere. Some retailers, even in the west, try to hide the fact that their garments are less than pure. Their tags and labels often omit the percentage of cashmere contained.

Once you become more familiar with cashmere you will be able to discern it by touch alone.


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