Cahmere is the most sumptuos fibre around !

by gary


To survive the inhospitable environment of the high plateaux (14,000ft) of Mongolia and China, where temperatures fall to –40C, a Himalayan mountain goat (Capra Hircus) roams, which grows a unique, incredibly soft pashmina, or inner coat, known in the west as cashmere to keep it warm. So the poorer the grazing and harsher the winter the better quality of wool on the undercoat.

The wool is six times finer than human hair, is one of the world's most rare and precious fibre; soft to handle, light and warm.

In spring/summer, farmers comb the fine woollen undercoat from the neck and chest of, the goat. The fleece consists of the very fine, crimpy down and the usually longer outside coarse hairs. Cashmere fibre must be separated, by combing out the down.

Cashmere is the world's rarest production fibre and is one of the most expensive in nature.

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