Cashmere Colors

Cashmere Colors

What color is cashmere?

Cream, white, and charcoal grey cashmere knitwear are natural undyed colors.

Color is key when it comes to cashmere sweaters. The variety of colors that cashmere sweaters come in is part of the reason that they are such popular fashion choices.

As always make sure that you are coordinating your garment choice with your skin tone. Find a piece that enhances and compliments your appearance. For example, if you have very light skin you are going to want to be sure to choose a color that is different enough from your skin tone that you not look like you are wearing nothing.

Also do not be afraid of bolder colors they can be really quite beautiful. When you do find that perfect sweater with the right cut and color you can rest assured that you have found a garment that you will be wearing for years.


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Cashmere Fashion

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