Cashmere Pashmina is Celebrity Item

by Rex

Cashmere Pashmina Goat

Cashmere Pashmina Goat


I run a blog named Celebrity Pashmina where I cover how Celebrities adorn Pashminas the beautiful shawls and stoles made with Cashmere and Silk Cashmere. I liked your expert opinion on Cashmere and work you are doing to differentiate Cashmere from the cheap viscose being sold as Cashmere at many places. Other day I visited a high end Mall and in a display window I saw a shawl with 100% Cashmere tag on it. I was intrigued and checked the price. Was surprised to hear $15 a piece. The shop owner did not even know if it was Cashmere or not.

There is not enough information out there that helps people differentiate between Cashmere and any other wool or even cheap viscose.

I am also planning to write a Pashmina Story since next month I am going on a visit to Himalayas. Want to tell people how this beautiful fabric is travels from the goat hair to the Celebrities of the world.

I will send you my story as well to publish here.

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