Hot Water Bottle vs Cashmere Socks

by Zamira


Quite often I have ice cold feet and naturally in winter.

That's when Hot Water Bottle comes handy, but that's when you are in bed or sitting somewhere.

I tried to buy the thickest socks possible. But came to the conclusion that whether socks are thick or thin, if they are not made of natural wool, my feet just don't react.

I don't like knitting, but just to keep my feet comfortable I learned how to knit slippers type of socks from my old woolen jumpers.

My Mom, who was a WWII child, taught us not to waste anything, instead reuse. It's her who taught all my sisters and me to make our own woolen socks.

I presented one of my handmade pairs of socks to my friend, who said that was the best present she had ever had. And you know what, she wanted another pair for her next birthday.

As I don't really like knitting, it takes me ages to make a pair. Her birthday is in March, but I have already started, with the hope to finish them on time.

Wish me luck.;)

PS: I'll send a picture when finished.

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Sep 09, 2010
Great Story
by: Webmaster

5 Stars

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