Pashmina Dress

Pashmina dress

High in the Himalayas is the pashmina goat. This is the goat that produces the wool from which the fine Persian wool is made.

The fabric is hand spun, woven as well as embroidered in Kashmir. The wool from the goat produces a very fine cashmere fiber that can be made into a variety of garments, from scarves to shawls, poncho or embellished with a leopard print or other animal print.

The handmade shawls that come from Kashmire are also pashmina. The goats are now being raised commercially in Outer Mongolia in the Gobi desert. This has the same type of brutal weather conditions that prevail high in the Himalayas.

The fine gauzy texture of pashmina lends itself to many fashion accessories. A pashmina poncho may be embellished with fine embroidery. The large scarves can be wrapped as dresses, as you see in India. Pashmina dress can range from just a few dollars into the thousands. The fabric is known for the elegance, versatility and warmth that it will create. A pashmina poncho can be used in a strictly utilitarian manner or can be designed for an exclusive evening out.

Originally pashmina was meant to wear as a shawl. As time progressed it's versatility became apparent. Now you may see a pashmina used as a scarf over denim, tied around the neck, as a warming poncho or with the aforementioned animal prints such as the lovely leopard print.

The scarf can be worn as a noose styled scarf around the neck. Two different colors can be twisted to give it an individual look that is all yours. The shawl can be folded in half and used as a scarf. The noose style can even be worn over a winter coat. Draped around your neck with the ends pulled through the loop, will give you the extra warmth you need on blustery winter days.

The pashmina dress is definitely not the only way to wear this luxurious fabric. You can wear some of the smaller styles as a belt or the larger shawls as a sarong. Picture yourself in a leopard print sarong for an eye-catching image. The epitome of elegance may just be your pashmina covering your hair with the folded edge out to the world. The ends of the lovely scarf can be brought around to cover the neck and provide warmth and style.

Your pashmina poncho requires care that will make it last for years. Whether it is a solid color or leopard print, a shawl or pashmina poncho, do not give in to the desire to get it dry cleaned. This will cause the fabric at the ends to loosen. Rather, wash gently in warm water and a detergent that is specifically designed for wool. Do not twist it to wring it out. Place it in a towel to get the initial wet out then lie it flat to air dry. A light brushing will give it back its lustrous sheen and original glory. It requires the same care as any other garment made of cashmere.

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