Pashmina Fabric

Pashmina Fabric

You would often only see pashmina in high end boutiques and fashion stores, but recently pashmina fabric is available to buy in bulk. This means the price has come down and they are available to everyone at an affordable price. You will see many different styles and shapes of pashmina.

This luxury wool is very similar to cashmere but with softer qualities, it holds the colors fantastically and is extremely lightweight.

This wool comes from the under belly of the Pashmina goat, which is a unique breed found in Nepal. The goats are kept in the freezing temperatures of the Himalayas so need their wool to keep them warm. These goats shed their wool every spring and as a single goat will only loose 3-8 ounces of wool at any one time.

Pure pashmina is far better quality than other materials. Although it is often common these days for the pashmina to mixed with silk to allow it to be produced in bulk and have longer durability.

The quality is still there but the material is far cheaper allowing more people to be able to buy it and make amazing scarves, dress or even a poncho.

You can buy pashmina in a variety of styles and sizes; they can be simple scarves or larger wraps and poncho size. They are a must have accessory and are often compared to the little black dress as every women should own one.

You can have pashmina in any color so they will match your wardrobe perfectly. Because they are very versatile - they are the best accessory to own. You will need to follow careful care instructions when you own a pashmina as wool needs to be washed and looked after properly.

Whatever design or style of pashmina you decide to purchase you will know you are only buying the best. The luxury and quality will be displayed every time you wear your pashmina scarf, shawl or even poncho.

Even though manufacturers often now make the pashmina scarves in bulk, the quality is the same as if you had one hand made by a village person in Nepal. You can be proud that you are wearing such a beautiful item, and as they are now so much more affordable everyone should own one.

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