Scottish Cashmere

Scottish cashmere is a fabric with a soft texture and irresistible feel used when the finest sweater or scarf is needed. This wool exquisitely defines the very finest in high end luxury products.

These tantalizing cashmere strands have long been recognized as being some of the best fibers that are available anywhere in the world and the delicate texture and incredible lightweight of Scottish cashmere garments have made them among the most coveted of all clothing and fine apparel that are now offered on the open market.

For many years it has been possible to obtain a cashmere sweater, skirt, gloves or scarf from a number of manufacturers. The prices can range from cheap to expensive but it is helpful to remember that you are going to get exactly what you pay for.

Cashmere is a sustainable wool that is produced in a number of countries around the world. However, it is Scottish cashmere that is set apart from the competition because of the long lengths of each strand and the fact that the fibers are hand combed when they are being collected.

These factors are two of the features that make this type of wool more desirable by manufacturers, designers and consumers. That old saying about quality over quantity has never been more true than when it is used to describe the advantages and benefits that pure Scottish cashmere garments such as you will find in a cashmere sweater.

Once you experience the incredible lightness and warmth of a true Scottish cashmere robe or pajamas you will quickly become a devoted fan of these wonderful pieces of clothing.

Given the fact that a limited amount of any cashmere is available over the span of a year's time one can easily understand the higher cost of garments made from these fibers.

The total amount of high quality cashmere is less than a 10th of all cashmere wools produced and collected in one year's shearing season. Of course this means that there is a strict limit of items that can be manufactured using this highly sought after wool.

For many years it has been a well known fact that producers of cashmere items using the high grade Scottish wool only select the fibers that are truly the "cream of the crop". This allows them to create woolen garments that will continually meet the exacting standards that both buyers and consumers have come to expect and appreciate.

Cashmere scarves, sweaters, bolero, cape, poncho, beret and overcoats are often considered rare and exotic additions to any wardrobe given the fact that pure cashmere garments can sometimes be difficult to find.

People have also become more knowledgeable about the difficulties that are inherent in every stage of the production and collection process. There is also the fact that a high quality cashmere sweater exudes a sense of romance that is both sensuous and mysterious since the wool comes from far off landscapes in lands that many people will never even have the opportunity to visit.

A Scottish luxurious sweater is highly desirable because it is made from the softest and finest wool that is produced anywhere in the world. This is a distinction that the cashmere knitwear industry takes very seriously and they are devoted to continuing to deliver only choice garments that maintain their shape and softness even after repeated washings and wearing.

Discriminating purchasers of cashmere goods such as a designer sweater or luxurious winter coat know that these items will impress and please any customer and each item is well worth the cost.


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